Divine Bells (hangul: 신령 hanja: 神鈴), also known as Godly Bells, is a Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Lee Hye. It has completed two parts and is currently on its third. It is published on NAVER.


The Divine Bells bring power and prestige to whomever they decide to go to. Hong-Ryung is the King of Myung-Joo, a country which has never been chosen by a Divine Bell. Myung-Joo, being the smallest, having the youngest King, and the only one without a Divine Bell, is considered the weakest out of all the six countries.When a master of a Divine Bell dies, the Divine Bells must once again choose their masters.

When the Emperor of Dae-Hyun dies and the royalty from all the six countries gather for the choosing of the Divine Bells, no one expects Myung-Joo to get a bell but Hong-Ryong hears a voice from a Bell and somehow he is now the chosen master.

Where Can I Read It?Edit

Divine Bells is available in its original form in Korean on NAVER. It is also currently being translated into english by Easy Going Scans. Be sure to visit the original website to support the author!


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