Biographical Information
Hangul 소해후
Hanja 소해후
Age 150
Occupation Priestess
Status Alive
Physical Information
Class Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Colour Unknown
Eye Colour Unknown
Family None
Allies None
Enemies None
Weapon None
Power None
Season 1
Chapter 1

Not much is known about Lady So-Hae-Hu except that she was first seen in the palace of Dae-Hyun looking at Hong-Ryung. She does not talk much and when she did, she claimed to be 150 years old.


In the beginning of the series, Lady So-Hae-Hu is shown to be wearing a veil that covers her face and hair. Although she appears young, she claims the be 150 years old.


She is described as non-talkative by the Emperor of Dae-Hyun, Hyun-Joo, right before he goes off to the Bell Ceremony.


Although not much was known about her due to the fact that her identity was kept conceal for most of the series, it seems that her history might be in tune with the story she told Hong-Ryung in the first season.

It is revealed later that she is a fake persona created by Ha-Hyeon.


She seems to be an exceptional priestess as she was able to free the Divine Bells from their sleep.



They seem to have a professional relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • It is rumor that she is short for her age because the Divine Powers stopped her growth.

Quotes Edit

"When the First Stone cracks, the spirit will be ready to wake up. Even though it is...the end of the world." -So-Hae-Hu volume 1 chapter 2

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